True Believer

By Farid bin Mohammed

As I was returning back home from Calicut during my monthly vacation, I noticed a man sitting ideally whispering something looking to his small dairy and his appearance made me to judge that he did not belong to my religion or location. I approached him hoping a conservation, thinking I would gain some short of knowledge about his culture and place he came from. I smiled and asked for true believerhis name but, he was just looking to me up and down, giving strange look on my turban and the dress I wore which is specified for Muslim scholars. I thought whether he is not seeing me as a terrorist as I belonged to Islam because some define Islam as terrorism even though it is not. But nothing was like, he replied to me after taking time, Im Ragav from Gujarat then I felt great relief. Even then I had a question to ask him, why did he take time to respond, when I asked him this question he said never ever anyone wearing turban talked to me, you were the first to talk this reply left me half happy and sad, happy for being first to talk and sad because no one wearing turban ever talked to him. I went on asking about him selves, his culture and everything as much I could, he also responded for my each questions taking much time, trying to answer each side of my question. The way of talking made me to feel that he had much to say with people like us(Muslims). Later I said, we should not judge people looking to their culture or religion as many others do, we all are one as human beings. He was happy to hear this, and said I too had different opinion about Muslims but after talking to you all my misconception changed, you people (Muslims) are truly good.
Misconception comes when we keep distance from those belonging to other religion or culture. We see them negatively from what we heard and they too think in similar way. All Hindus are not anti-Muslims and all Muslims are not anti-Hindus or Christian, but some so-called Hindus and Muslims are the head of crimes and misconception. If IS stands for so-called Muslims, RSS for so-called Hindus, whom true Muslims and Hindus dislike, and there is burden to the religion because of their practices. They practise what is not in the religion but in the name of the religion trying to defame the religion. Something similar I could see in the head to head debate of oxford union, Mehdi Hassan with BJP leader Ram Madhav, when a Hindu from Indian background says to Ram Madhav we (Hindus) suffer from your (RSS) practises, the way Muslims are suffering from I.S.
While checking in America whether alike people are found? Who march for their religion simply not because they are holly worshiper but to show their anger upon others using religion as an identity, then the answer is yes, they are. Trump is a living example who is openly talking against Muslims asking American Muslims to shift to Muslim nations, which is similar to Ghar Wapsi proclaimed by RSS. Those American Christians who dislike Trump have said he is not a holly worshiper to talk like he is concerned about Christianity, this is only a trick played by him to win in presidential election , he is not even seen worshipping is church, or participating in religious affairs. Now we can sketch out that there is problem called identity theft, as Hamza Yusuf termed, in every single religion and also in rest other plat forms. Terrorists use their education to create exploders were in other hand scientists like Abdul Kalaam use it to protect the nation, both are seeking same education but using in two different ways. Now here we are not neglecting education because terrorist are using it to destroy the mankind but we show more addiction towards education and take away the misconception found, similarly to remove the misconception found in the religion we need to be a true believer to prove that what radicals do is not connected to the religion.
If true believers in all religion get together in a union, we can stop this misconception found. In nation like Indian it is more needed to turn Indian as a wonderful developed nation. Unity in diversity which was coined by Nehru is visible in words less in practise. Lets make it practical.

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