Ulemas join to provoke the glory of Muslim renaissance in Kerala

Muhammed Savad Venbmanal, for Wordforpeace.com

Of the people there are some who say; we believe in Allah and the last day; but they do not [really] believe. Fain would they Deceive Allah and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realize [it] not. In their hearts is a disease: and Allah has increased their disease. And grievous is the chastisement they [incur], because they lied [to themselves]. When it is said to them: make not mischief on the earth. They say: we are only ones who make mischief, but they realize [it] not. When it is said to them: ‘believe as the others believe’ they say: shall we believe as the fools believe?’  Nay, of a surety they are the fools, but they do not know (H.Q 2:8-13).


The right belief and activity is the real Islamic method. When this belief or activity depreciates from the believer’s heart, then the righteous substance will also decline. The standing up process of a community from this declination can be called as renaissance. In above words, the holy Quran sternly criticizes the dressing up the procedures of destruction as a part of revival process. The Quran seriously warn the plaintiffs of this false renaissance and it interrogates the false usage of the great idea ‘Islah’ in wrong place. The followers of prophets witnessed the righteous Islamic belief and activity. Thus, the maintenance of Muslims in their belief and activity is the real revivalism. The backward walk of Muslim from this called decline.


The Quran introduces this backward walk from the right way as destruction. Here, the Quran explicitly says the right method of renaissance, false renaissance and declination. Like what new community claims upon renaissance, there were such kind of people at the time of Quran’s introduction. Quran calls such people as a cheater and inform people to be aware on this claim. In Islamic community the stand up effort never stopped at any time. Whenever community starts to fall, there arrived leaders to uplift them. The renaissance effort has some historical record. The fields Muslim renaissance leaders emphasized were well recorded. Some tried to change this big history in Kerala. But the Ulamas belonging to Kerala state interrogated this activity. The ongoing period turned the level of approach on renaissance as political and a part of daily work. They tried to read the history in wrong way. So, the Muslim renaissance disputed. Now no one realize what is renaissance and destruction as a result of efforts of someone who tried to circulate the process of religious destruction as a part of its renaissance. Whenever a century completed, Allah will appoint renaissance leaders to refresh the society as saw in Hadith. The scholars have recorded the renaissance leaders till tenth century. In first century it was Umer bn abdul azzez [r], in second imam shafihi [r], in third imam abul hasan ashari[r], in forth qazi aboobacker al bakkillani[r], in fifth imam qazzali[r], in sixth imam razi[r], in seventh imam ibn daqeeq al ead[r], in eight imam balqaini[r], in ninth imam zakariyya al ansari[r], in tenth hafil jamaludheen suyoothi[r] took the cap of renaissance. The leaders of renaissance gave much importance to the process of revival from declination that occurred in Muslims in their period. It was the Quranic word ‘Islah’ itself that guided to the destruction of the religion. In each period, they had such destructions.


Hafil ibnu asakir recorded an observation about imam Azhari that is noteworthy: he stood as a sentinel of prophetic custom. He resisted the troop of ‘muhthasilath’ and other reformers of religion. In this subject, his attitude was famous and his composition was mostly circulated (thabyeen p.53). Some venture for problems in the name of Islam and Quran were vividly disclosed by the followed renaissance leaders of that period. They disclosed all fraud. The followers of prophet walked in the right way and used Islamic ideas whole over the world for propagation. Through the followers, Islam was well circulated in Kerala. The first Muslim in Kerala was a Swahabiyy. He travelled towards prophet, saw him and returned which is a well known history to all. The group who came with him from Arabia was the first propagator in Kerala. At any time the history not recorded any events of wound and collapse of belief and worship. Whenever wounds are occurred they corrected it.

The past Islamic history of kerala was mostly recorded. The Islamic delivery was done by swahabas who circulated Islam with Quran and Sunnah. We can see in K.N.M’s statement: during the period of prophet, Islam had reached in Kerala. Malabar was impressed by the footsteps of first Islamic propagators like malik  bnu deenar and  habeeb bnu malik. Because of that movement the Islam of Kerala met the real Islam in accordance with Quran and Sunnah. (Annadva p. 103)


The swahaba made Masjid and maintained there jumuha and jamahath. Today the sunnah they explored was maintained and accepted. Including two azan, the kuthuba was done in Arabic languageand the Tharaveeh Namaz with twenty rakahat. This Islam grew up and expanded through Allah’s favourite servant in last year. The effort of spiritual preceptor participated in Islamic growth was not small. In 16th century the makhdoom brothers bearded the history constructed for the Islamic propagation called as tradition. The style of propagation in Kerala was strong and belonged to orthodox tradition. The scholars went forward by closing the hole. No one infiltrate. Importantly, there were four traditional ways-Malik bnu deenar, Calicut qazi, makhdoom and Halramee sadath. The manifestation of propagation was elucidated through clear plan and correct aim. The works of Zainudheen makhdoom, chaliyakath kunjahammed haji, ahmed koya shaliyathi was an informative revolution which moulded a beautiful cuture to the people of kerala. Who kidnapped the good period of Islam and Islamic community?  Who insert the Islamic community to the mouth of colonial enemies? They should read the statement of C.N moulavi who threw the Islam to the mouth of west: “the forefathers were good for nothing and were barbarians. The new gen has a pretension that they bear all skills and fashions of current epoch. Fully, it was not right. According to present situation we also have many skills and achievements. In accordance with this move, we grew up. Like this our forefathers use their opportunities. Why C.N Moulavy also never accepts them accept those who gradually some walk through Islamic Kerala by avoiding the revival process and start a new renaissance history? This question answer are situating in hidden historical read.


In current situation the Kerala Muslims face many challenges and ocstacles in term of faith and social matters. The Salafi troops are expounding the bad ideology. They claim the renaissance of Muslims in Kerala through their brutal religious persecutions in term of belief. But, in real their renaissance was false. The forefathers and the followers of prophet had done opposite to the dogmas of these fundamentalists. They are circulating new ideologies with no religious basis. In this situation, Samastha conducts a conference for scholars (Ulama) with the caption ‘The Kerala view of Muslim renaissance’. 25000 scholars had participated in ‘ULAMA CONFERENCE’ ongoing today at the cultural city of kerala, namely Thrissur. In this moment, I invite one and all for the valedictory session of Ulema conference.Marhaba..



Muhammed Savad venmanal is doing a special intensive course in classical Islamic studies from the veteran scholar, Usthad Arshad Noorani Kamil saqafi in a traditional way of dars as explored in the renaissance eve of Zainudheen Al Makhdoom.






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