We stand in support of our Muslim neighbors

Prayer echoed through Davis’ Central Park Friday, uniting a diverse group of people.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – Men, women and children of all faiths stood in support of their Muslim neighbors who are hurting.

“We need to share the load. And the load of sorrow that the folks from the Islamic center are feeling,” said Deardra, a participant of the gathering.

Less than a week ago, a woman was seen on surveillance video at the Islamic Center of Davis shattering glass, slashing tires and leaving strips of bacon, a forbidden food in the faith.

While on Sunday Muslims were targeted, on Friday they were supported, loved and honored.

Hundreds showed up to say ‘we’ve got your back.’

“We stand with you as it says on the sign,” said Beth Brownstein. “Our hearts are open.”

The Brownstein’s showed support because they say, as Jews, they understand what it’s like to be persecuted.

“So we’re not gonna stand by to see others treated unacceptably,” said Alan Brownstein.

In the days since the vandalism, flowers and heartfelt notes overwhelmed the Islamic Center.

President Amr Zedan believes whoever violated their sacred space should be educated instead of punished.

“We’re here very forgiving really just want to sit down with the person and have a talk,” Zedan said.

On this day of action and togetherness in Davis, the Islamic Center opened its doors to the community. Their goal was to help educate others about their faith and thank those who counteracted an act of hate with an overwhelming amount of love.

Davis Police are investigating this as a hate crime.



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