What are the Natural and Unknown reasons of Drought?

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To be moderate of the climate is Allah’s great boon. Commonly, we do not value the refreshing air which blows in prairie-spread on the land and moves in the air playfully, but when the sun showers fire in the summer season and the hot, dried wind leave the trees soulless, when the gust of heatstroke sounds as the symbol of death and we feel uneasy due to warmth of land and environment, at that time we come to know the importance of cool and pleasant climate that how great this blessing of Allah is?
DROUGHT-2-popup Currently, the entire country is envelopped with heat, and there are many areas, where the drought has put the life in trouble. Maharashtra is in abysmal condition. People have to go to miles passing by the sun-baked sand to take the drinking water. Fooder is not available for animals. We feel pity after looking at their images. There is extreme scarcity of water. People, therefore, are compelled to use also dirty water. Owing to this, the spread of disease is a natural phenomenon. Besides India, in other countries, even in the highly cold areas the drought is stepping up. Australia-like country, fruitful and thriving, recognised by the miracle of forests and trees, is not safe from its affect.
There can be some natural reasons of drought. The natural reasons are also related to the human acts. The existence of the forests and trees on the land is a beautiful and antique present of Allah. If Allah does not create trees, if He leaves to adore the land with this jewelry, then there is no power which can bring it into being. Therefore, Allah says : who actually cultivate? You or Ourself?? ???? ??????? ?? ??? ????????? ( Alwaqia 64 ). As the human beings get the nurturing advantage of these trees, they prepare furniture through these woods and take the various types of benefits, in the same way these trees play the basic role to moderate the temperature of the land and balance the rain system. The chopping off the trees intensively, has affected the climate badly. In Delhi, the temperature has cranked up from 07 to 08 degree of it’s usual temperature and overall, one degree Fahrenheit has increased of the temperature in the open area within three decades. Scientists believe in, that the cutting down trees and removing forests, are the actual reasons. That is why, Islam encourages the husbandry and harvesting at a greater scale. The Apostle of Allah said When a man plants a tree, whatever comes out from that tree, Allah sets down the same quantity for him as a reward”. (Musnad-e-Ahmad through Abu Ayyub Ansaari RAZ, Majmauzzawaaid: 04/67). IT is narrated by Abu Darda (RAZ)that the prophet said he who plants, and whether a man or any other creature eats from that tree, it is a Sadqah ( charity ) for him. (The above reference 04/67). The Apostle of Allah has termed the tree as a source of Barakat( an Islamic term in which the safety of works, protection and each sort of profit is included ) for the one who plants and for his posterity”.

It is also known form the Ahaadees that the prophet prohibited to cut trees. In Arabia, commonly, there used to be jujube tree and acacia tree. Therefore, particularly, the jujube has been mentioned in the Ahaadees. It is narrated by Hazrat Ali (RAZ) that the prophet ordered him to announce among people so curse on those who cut the jujube tree “. (Majmauzzawaaid: 08/115). It is narrated by Hazrat Aaisha (RAZ) that the prophet said: those who cut the jujube tree will be made enter into The Hell with face-down. ( above reference taken from Tabaraani). A narration of the same sense has been mentioned on the account of Abdullah s/o Habshi (RAZ). It is narrated on behalf of Amr s/o Aus(RAZ) : I heard the Prophet saying so: the one who cuts jujube tree, except if he cut for his tillage, Allah will set up a house for him in The Hell( Majmauzzawaaid 04/69 ).
Now it can be guessed how much The Religion Islam values the protection of forests?
Apart from it, the unstinted use of gas and chemicals in modern production, moreover, the carelessness from the safety of its detrimental affect and, above all, the constant digging out of natural resources like coal and spreading pollution caused by this extraction, are the reasons which are human-made and, even more, the human being, too, is jeopardizing. It is open-up, that is the reason causing the harm to the world collectively and also there is the saying of the prophet and unanimously agreed rule of Islamic Fiqh none is allowed to oppress neither in the beginning nor in the reaction”.?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ???????. Hence looking at the Islamic view point, it is unfair to act in this sort of works carelessly.
It is also unfortune of the human beings, that human being is sacrificing his life behind the cause of his distruction. There are nuclear lethal weopon, missiles, tanks, and planes to devastate, which are comming into being, but the scientists are not toiling sincerely to reckon with environmental irregularity that is dreadful and grim looking, as their human responsibility. As the government lets the scientists up in terms of the innovation of these lethal weapons, the government does not use for developing purpose, even by its hundredth part. What could be more regretful thing after this?
These are the natural reasons of draught and the consequences of evil deeds doen by human have an involvement in this natural reasons, apart from it, being Muslims we believe in that whatever happenings occurred in this cosmo, are not happened by chance, but according to actions and situations of Muslims, these are based on Allah’s decisions. The rain’s heavenly system is dependent upon the obedience and disobedience of human. it is narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraurah (RAZ) that the prophet said: Allah says if My worshipers obey Me, I will shower the rain upon them in night and the sun will rise in the day”.( Musnad-e-Ahamd, Majmauzzawaaid:02/211). Therefore, when the prophet was requested to supplicate for rain on Friday, so it comes in some narrations, the prophet raised the hand to pray and ordered his Adherents to seek forgiveness from Allah, because He is Oft-forgiving. ???????? ???? ??? ??? ????? ( Majamuzzawaaid: 02/216).
At last, drought, famine and the unusual heat of weather are the warnings on behalf of Allah, that human being should rememorize and recapitulate his forgotten lessons, turn from forsaking Alalh to His remembrance and reform his acts, because, not only there is betterment for his The Life to come, but also the worldly gains are related to this. At least, this reality is an integral part of a Muslim’s Faith. If the calamity and catastrophe are falling short to turn the human beings to Allah, then what could be more adversity and misfortune than this???


Written by: Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani sb the great Islamic scholar.

Translated by: Taha Haleemi Jaunpuri

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