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A stitch in time saves nine

This proverb “a stitch in time saves nine” is oft-repeated and is mostly unknown to all who has a bit relationship through the education. It means that never leave till tomorrow what you can do today.

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Md Naushad Ansari

Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicines, but time lost is gone forever……

A stitch in time saves nineThis proverb “a stitch in time saves nine” is oft-repeated and is mostly unknown to all who has a bit relationship through the education. It means that never leave till tomorrow what you can do today. The one second’s care might have won a gentleman a well-known prize. A man falling ill may be cured by ordinary medicines, if given in time by doctor. But a few day’s lapse may make him unfit for any cure, even with costly drugs. Man will be no longer with us because medicine is not at hand to nurse back to health him. A definite and timely action at the moment is very important. A boat may sink if the crack, once noted by crew, is not immediately plugged. So we say a stitch in time saves nine us from having to take nine stitches later on.

The adage is widely expressed at commencement of any terrible obsession to nib it in the bud, thanks to, if we do not brood over it then in subsequent it will raise hefty and will be unmanageable to control. The dreadful habits or belongings should be discontinued in the beginning and should be controlled at the time of increasing in continuation. The aphorism strikes a chord for the value of object and as well as the worth of time and the price of our most intendede thing aims. By the proverb, “a stitch in time saves nine” we can be familiar with the association of people by time and manual labor owing to by time we manage our things and aims.

If the cloth is torn scanty then it should be stitched at its beginning unless it will be out of commission. Ghastly habits must be nipped in the bud if not will be unrestrained in sustaining. The awful inclination of an undergraduate ought to be proscribed by parent if not, will develop and learner may recommence the hobby and next some shocking and unarticulated outcome will proceed and existence of first-rate beginner could crop up in like two peas in a pod. Now, we are passing to comprehend its authentic significance throughout various happening instances in our day to day life during this 21th century that is full of problems and dilemmas.

There was a youngster who served the practice of burglary by commencement of his preliminary years and entire was acknowledged to his dearly loved mother but she did not bother about and let her kid keeping on the tendency. But finally teenager was trapped by law enforcement and the concluding aspiration of son was to converse with his mother. At the juncture of gathering his mother, child did not accomplish anything, but at the outset, he lacerated the ears of his mother and whispered that “if you bunged me through this appalling routine in opening, at this instant, I might not be hanged ahead of this gigantic group of people. All the minute belongings should be overseen in opening if it is gumboot, clothe, injury, dwelling, and further.

Many moons ago, a pier was constructed, on four boundaries of sea to defend violent flow and to not get in touch with general public by a extensive expenditure, in Scotland with the help of government, but when the torrent touched the ferocious just then only a few gaps were come to mind and government did not seized any effort to mend it again, subsequently after some year of passing the fierce was mostly destroyed became unbuildable without a high expense again.

The equipments that we use should be mended if occurred and stopped working precisely unless it will be out of date and use for using in the days that we are going to confront in our life to make life fruitful and productive. In this advanced and developed days common people are not getting sufficient time to do complete their most inspired aspiration but they are blocked by the lack of time and their ambition is going too happened in vague and waste.

Islam the religion of peace also does not say-so to gentlemen to put off the work of today on pending days due to it may create some towering harms in approaching days.

Thus, these days, the world has been extremely advanced and exceedingly sophisticated, the life is being experienced more comfortable and ease. The life of humankind is jam-packed with predicaments and dilemmas. The mankind is sending-off the everyday jobs on tomorrow because the well-organized time is not coming in handy for the job users. All the small tasks also are being send-off for tomorrow because of inadequate of time but when they confront next day to office they could stop thinking about that and a diminutive problem is being caused in future as Himalayan trouble. Small problems are being not jogged our memory and that miniature problems turn into insurmountable in coming days.

Md Naushad Ansari is a senior lecturer in Assam off Campus, Darul Huda Islamic University, who has written and published numerous timely research articles in English and Urdu, pursuing post-graduation in sociology from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

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