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A Tip for Daily Living Early Morning To-Do List

Every new day that we wake up to is a gift to us from the Creator.

By Mesha Oh

Word For Peace

A Tip for Daily Living Early Morning To-Do ListEvery new day that we wake up to is a gift to us from the Creator. One way of thinking of a new day is as an opportunity for us to do God’s will for us for that day. That shows how important each day (and, indeed, each moment) really is!

Since every new day is so very precious, it is good to structure it in such a way that we spend it in the best possible way—that is, being and doing that day as the Creator wants us to. For this purpose, making a to-do list shortly after we wake up in the morning is a really good idea. If preparing a to-do list in the morning becomes a daily habit, it can help us spend our day in a good way, doing some of the tasks that God wants us to for that day.

Here are some steps you can follow to prepare a to-do list every morning:

  1. After you’ve freshened up and finished your morning prayers and meditation, sit in a comfortable position, with a pen and a pad in hand.
  2. Close your eyes and sit still. Request God to tell you some of the things God wants you to do that day. You could phrase this request as a prayer. For instance, you could say, “God, You have brought me into this new day. Please let me know some of the things that You want me to do today so that I can note them down in my to-do pad. Thank You.”
  3. Listen carefully to the inner voice for any promptings you might receive for things to do that day. As and when you receive these promptings, note them down in your pad. Spend a couple of minutes in silence doing this.
  4. In a while, the inner promptings about the things to do that day might cease. You can then open your eyes and begin to go about the rest of your day.
  5. At night, before going to bed, you can go through your to-do list to see if you managed to do all the things that you had listed that morning. If there are some tasks that you did not finish or accomplish, you might like to add them to your to-do list for the next day.

The things to do that you might be prompted to note in your to-do pad might be of different sorts. They could be about purchasing a certain thing or cleaning your room, finishing a certain number of pages of a book or giving a call to a friend, apologizing to someone for something or finishing pending work at the bank. You might be prompted to resolve to avoid wasting time by oversleeping in the afternoon or to have a light dinner for a change. And so on.

You could make up a daily to-do list on your own, of course. But the to-do list suggested here is different. Here, you request God to inform you of some of the things that God wants you to do every day. You seek to discern something of God’s will for you for each new day.

Here are some advantages of making a to-do list of every morning:

  • It makes God part of your daily activity schedule.
  • It helps provide your day with a certain structure or framework.
  • It helps you do some important things that you might otherwise forget to.
  • It enables you to be more disciplined with yourself.
  • It helps infuse your day with meaning and purpose.
  • It serves as a reminder about tasks that you might have left undone.
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