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According to AiR, the ego is a veil that stands between human beings and God.

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Author: Atman in Ravi (AiR)

Published by AiR Institute of Realization, Bangalore,

Year: 2020

Pages: 162

ISBN: 978-93-5437-988-8

Reviewed by Robin

LET GO OF YOUR EGO AND YOU WILL FIND GODThroughout human history, most human beings have been religious or spiritual, in some way or the other. This is the case even today. Hundreds of millions of people believe in God, the Creator and Sustainer of the world. But who, where and what is God? And, how can God be found?

On these issues, there is considerable diversity of views, and considerable confusion too.

This delightful book by Bangalore-based writer Atman in Ravi (AiR) provides some interesting perspectives on what is probably the matter of greatest concern to human beings—God.

Many people think that God is somewhere far away—perhaps located on some other plane or planet, or even outside the universe. AiR explains that the ego separates us from God and makes us to live in ignorance. It stops us from realizing that God is within. In fact, God is everywhere.

According to AiR, the ego is a veil that stands between human beings and God. The ego (which is a Latin word for ‘I’), is an identification of who we think we are. It regards ‘me’ and ‘mine’ as different from ‘you’ and ‘yours’. The Ego (E) plus the Mind (M) combine to form a notion of a separate ME, which makes us live in ignorance of who we truly are.

Reflection leads us to discover that we are not the physical body that we inhabit, or the mind that produces thoughts. Nor are we the ego that we think we are. Realizing who we truly are—the truth about the self—means that we realize that we are not the body, not the mind, but the Soul. A realized person transcends ME (Mind and Ego) and lives as a liberated soul.

Unless we drop the ego and transcend ME, AiR says, we will not reach the state of Self-realization and move towards the next step of God-realization. “We have a choice,” AiR writes. “Either we can let go of the ego or we can let go of God”. If we let go of the ego, he explains, we will realize the truth of who we are, just as we will realize God in the temple of our heart.

AiR writes that our ultimate goal is to realize that we are the Divine Soul, and not the body, the mind or the ego that we appear to be. God is the cause and we are manifestations. The ego stops us from realizing this and stands in the way of our attaining our ultimate goal. The truth, AiR believes, is that we are nothing and God is everything.

This beautiful book is a must-read if you are seeking answers to existential questions, such as who we are, why we are here on this planet and what happens after we die. Of course, not everyone will share all of the author’s views. But there is ample wisdom in this book that just about everyone can appreciate and benefit from.

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