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By The Wedding Brigade, India’s only one-stop wedding content, e-commerce, online and offline services platform

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, running between jobs and personal errands, we often forget to take a second for ourselves to appreciate the people in our lives. This is most common with young couples — for many millennial couples, the only time they truly get to connect is during dinner or before bedtime. But we know that most of this time is also spent on our mobile phones — scrolling through Instagram or replying to endless family forwards on WhatsApp.

Our high tech, fast-moving lifestyle may lead to the end of romance as we know it. So, we need to remind ourselves that taking long walks with our partners, or sitting together and sharing a meal without the distraction of phones can and should happen often, not just on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re planning to step away from it all and go a little old school to celebrate your relationship and fuel some romance, The Wedding Brigade has got you covered — we have the best ideas to spark the romance in your lives, every day of the year!

  1. Wellness weekend

Celebrate your day of love stress-free! For one day don’t talk about your work or everyday routine. Book a spa day followed by some wine over relaxing mani-pedi. You can also go for yoga classes together and have a work out session with your partner. Use this time to catch up, talk about the little things that matter and things that you usually forget to tell each other every day. Make it about you two.

  1. A walk down the nostalgia lane

Take your partner to places which you both cherished before the wedding or when you began your courtship. It can be the place where you first met, had your first kiss or popped the question! Recreate a situation from the past – it’s always fun to relive a moment that holds close a special place in your heart. Add more fun by gifting your partner things that remind them of their childhood, high school, your first date, etc.

  1. Creative Pursuits

Put your phone away and wear your apron of creativity. Go for art classes, pottery, cooking classes. These activities will not only keep you both engaged but will also help you both share a hobby.

  1. Go Classic

Go on a romantic dinner date, it’s a classic and you can never go wrong when the favorite cuisine is involved. For this, you need to start planning early because getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant is crucial.

  1. A low- key Night

For the couple who like to stay in – cook something new, right off the internet cooking sites.  Watch a classic romantic movie, if you’re a fan of horror that works too! Snuck in some wine or champagne, and you are golden for the night!

  1. Capture your memories’

A photoshoot is never a bad idea, choose an affordable yet the best photographer from The Wedding Brigade and have a photoshoot day that you can preserve forever.

  1. Give them a gift they will love (and use!)

Give your an ethnic outfit, jewellery or bag from specially curated categories available on our platform, The Wedding Brigade shop. This can include clothes, accessories, footwear, etc. She’s definitely going to adore you for this.

  1.  Make it big

If you’re the one who loves everything elaborate like throwing a party? Why not, right? Set the mood right with expert decor artists or you can always be creative and DIY. Have a party with your close friends and celebrate with each other.

Fun fact: The shape of the heart appears to come from an illustration for the Italian poem ‘document D’amore’. It began appearing in other works of visual art and in tapestries. 150 years later, the tapestry ‘the gift of the heart’ depicted a man holding a small red heart. By that moment the heart has taken its shape and has come to mean love.

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