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COVID-19 Support for Employees and Families

More and more people are coming forward everyday to help India avert this crisis, given the lack of awareness amongst companies on what they could do, below are some of the activities taken care of, by the Covid-19 support groups.

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COVID-19 Support for Employees and FamiliesWhile more and more people are coming forward everyday to help India avert this crisis, given the lack of awareness amongst companies on what they could do, below are some of the activities taken care of, by the Covid-19 support groups. Together, patients, healthcare workers, academics, technology companies, NGOs, and governments can aid pandemic preparedness efforts by proactively adopting innovative solutions.



Ideas2IT, a product engineering firm has created a COVID-19 Support Group. The sole purpose of this committee is to ensure the well-being of employees and their families. Should one catch the Coronavirus infection, this committee will be available for support in all ways possible. The company has shared a list of people from the organisation that one could contact along with their personal numbers in case an emergency situation arises, so that employees can contact the concerned person. Below are the activities followed in the organisation;

  • Guiding/helping people who are COVID-19 positive, additionally extending the support to family members
  • connecting people with doctors through telemedicine channels, checking with hospitals for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, organizing medicines through known sources, etc.
  • IdeaRX, a hospital buyers club and being a group company with Ideas2IT is a huge plus as all the good work they have done for their hospital clients is paying off big time for this COVID-19 support group
  • guidance on how to get COVID-19 tests at home, whom to contact for food (in case you are COVID positive), and a bunch of other proactive initiatives
  • Ideas2IT calls the numbers received in Whatsapp forwarded messages about medicines or oxygen cylinders being available and verifies if they are genuine. If genuine they are forwarded to people on WhatsApp and kept handy for easy reference, to use that info as and when required.
  • inviting doctors to speak to employees through Zoom calls and clear their questions about vaccination, COVID-19 treatment, etc. 
  • bunch of pandemic-specific practices in place – paid sick leave, salary advances, additional financial support when required, etc.
  • Come May 1st, Ideas2IT plans to organize a COVID-19 vaccination drive for their employees

About Ideas2IT

Headquartered in India and the USA, Ideas2IT was founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley, California. Their team of exceptional software engineers use advanced and new-age technologies such as AI and ML, Cloud Native, IIoT to create innovative products and services for start-ups and enterprises. Ideas2IT has partnered with 100+ clients like Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Netsmart, and a score of select start-ups. Besides housing exceptional tech talent, Ideas2IT also boasts of being among Great Places to Work.


sNeighbour from  sRide

Started with a vision of creating a platform for like-minded people to form communities, sRide founders launched the sNeighbour app to help communities tide over the pandemic. The sNeighbour app is an expansion to sRide, a leading carpooling app that has 2 million users across 10 cities in India and enables community-level engagement to seek and offer help during these difficult times of the pandemic. Below are the details regarding how sNeigbour is helping in this pandemic;
  • sNeighbours help each other with cooked food, groceries, medicines and share information about oxygen tanks, hospital beds, vaccination centres with vaccines and also offer rides to vaccination centres, etc. Those in need are able to get in touch with individuals and neighbours providing support with a simple click of a button
  • Within minutes of its launch on Android Play Store, sNeighbour received over 100 registrations with 50% posting about the help they can provide
  • Global software firms EPAM & ThoughtWorks came forward to join sNeighbour and their cause by encouraging their employees to use the platform to provide and seek help as required
  • sNeighbour is expected to provide ease of accessibility to essentials by forming social bubbles within the community and reducing the spread of coronavirus
  • sRide augmented their existing technology infrastructure and network of 2M+ users in a way that can make a positive grassroots-level impact

To download the app, click here:


About sNeighbour from  sRide

sRide is a social platform that helps millions to commute by carpooling. With more than 2Million users across 10 All cities, sRide has helped more than 1 Million+ users monthly to share or pool their rides.  With sNeighbour, the 2 million users can come together to engage and help neighbourhoods.



Yellow Messenger


During these pressing times, Yellow Messenger, a global Conversational AI platform shares the Pro Bono initiative undertaken to empower organisations with Omnichannel chatbots for supporting covid relief efforts. No terms and conditions attached, Yellow Messenger will build critical Covid-19 help-related chatbots for all relief efforts. Please find the details below;

  • Titled Yellow Messenger Cares, this is a CSR initiative that any organization in need can make use of, including NGOs, hospitals, support groups and/or businesses who are driving the efforts to curb the crisis through any means and to drive crisis efforts
  • If a company is helping the cause of Covid-19, companies only need to let know how they are contributing and the kind of chatbot services they need and Yellow ai would help launch a chatbot to reach out and support the masses
  • This initiative aims to provide access to an omni-channel chatbot on any text platform for Covid19 related use cases and supporting real time services like: Providing medical information related to plasma donation, Oxygen/hospital bed availability, Vaccine registrations, Scheduling appointments, Collecting patient data, Mental health assistance, Handling insurance queries etc
  • When designed and deployed effectively, chatbots may help prevent misinformation, aid in symptom detection, engender infection-limiting behaviors, encourage positive health impacting behaviors, while reducing psychological damage caused by fear and isolation

Yellow Messenger Cares is accessible here –

About Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger is the World’s Leading Conversational CX Platform, recognized by Gartner & G2 crowd for bringing the Best of AI and Human Intelligence together. The platform is built for large enterprises to deliver real-time, on-demand unified customer experience.

Trusted by 500+ global enterprises like Asian Development Bank, Domino’s, Schlumberger, Sephora, PepsiCo and BMW, the company has clients spread over 27 countries whilst offering services in 100+ languages, across 35+ channels for text and voice.

The brand aims to democratize AI by bringing in innovative technologies like no code conversational AI platforms, Voice assistants and more.

Visit for more information.

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