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Destroying non-Muslim places of worship is brazenly ‘un-Islamic’: Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi in conversation with Prof Akhtarul Wasey

In this exclusive interview to WordForPeace, Indian Islamic Studies Expert Prof Akhtarul Wasey, President Maulana Azad University of Jodhpur explains why destroying non-Muslim places of worship is brazenly’un-Islamic’ and un-Qur’anic.

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  1. Yes, Quran Does Not Support Destruction Of Places Of Worship Or Violence Against Non-Muslims
    Quran advises Muslims only to convey its message to the non-Muslims peacefully and then leave the matter to them. If they turn hostile, the Muslims are advised to turn away from them. The Quran says:

    “Show forgiveness, enjoin equity and avoid the ignorant.”(AlA’raf: 199)

    “Had Allah willed they would not have been polytheists. We have not appointed you their keeper nor are you their maintainer.”(Al An’am:107)

    “Those mindful of Allah will not be accountable for those who ridicule it whatsoever —- their duty is to advise, so perhaps the ridiculers will abstain.”(Al An’am:69)

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