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How I Prevented Suicidal Thoughts and Moved On!

Remember, it's not an option to kill yourself, but to change your way of living. And, become a better person!

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Sushant Singh: Preventing Suicidal Thoughts & Healing the Humanity Suffering in SilenceI

n our increasingly backward and retrogressive culture, unforeseeable oppressive financial, economic, personal and psychological problems prevail. One wonders how, every now and then, to cure this humanity suffering from internal trauma or Suicidal Thoughts!

Everyone good at heart wished that young talented actor Sushant Singh of Bollywood would not give up his hope of living more. But his tragic death is a reflection of the seriously inhuman society in which we live. Sushant Singh was a strongly emotional man, and could not possibly overcome the pain he suffered deep within.

This unfortunate death of a young celebrity is bringing mental health issues to the fore, particularly during these desperate times of pandemics.

We must now make sure mental health is never to be ignored. To know he’s no more breaks our hearts. Sushant Singh Rajput is a young, talented and wonderful actor who has just taken his life for a reason yet to be known.

Remember, it’s not an option to kill yourself, but to change your way of living. And, become a better person!

Sometimes, because of all the stressful things we ‘re carrying for a long time, we all feel suicidal and then a time comes when we see no hope and give up.

No-one, in fact, wants to die. We just want to stop the pain. This is absolutely intolerable. For most people, it may be hard to imagine, but mental pain or Suicidal Thoughts is far worse than physical pain, as it goes on and on.

Sometimes, to stop the pain, you’ll do whatever you can think of. And all you think about is killing yourself.

I always wanted to live forever but I got very close to suicidal thoughts when I was in the pain of depression. The only solution to my problem was to go back in time and change “that” thing and I couldn’t even hope for that as you know that was not possible.

The only thing that I am now alive is because I have accepted the truth and moved on. Of course, it’s not easy, I can’t forget those things and they’re still in my mind, but as I don’t have any choice, I ‘d rather not focus on it and turn my mind into something that makes me happy.

You just need a change of life, keeping old stuff aside for a while and going for new stuff.

For instance:
Move to a new place and work there for some period of time before you feel positive about your life, at this new place you will have a chance to interact with other people who don’t remind you of your history and who probably don’t care about you and essentially you will have a new life.

Try another new place if things don’t work there, the whole world is yours and it’s also up to you to be happy or not!

And, what do you know, God loves you, and no one can love you more than Him.

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