India: Unheard stories of Communal Harmony after the lockdown

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Vadodara: Had this 28-year-old woman been otherwise all alone and far away from her family, it wouldn’t have been that worrisome for her kin but for the fact that Riddhi Soni is visually handicapped. Her parents in Ahmedabad were very worried after she couldn’t get any means of transport to come back home after the lockdown was imposed last month.
Stuck all alone at her residential quarters in Narmada district, the story of this English literature teacher at Birsa Munda Tribal University in Rajpipla would have been truly pathetic, but thanks to her neighbour and colleague, 26-year-old Numa Ansari, life has been very smooth sailing.
“Our biggest religion at this time of crisis is humanity and Ansari is a living example of it,” said Soni, who had joined the tribal university two years ago and had shifted to Rajpipla.
“I don’t know how I could have managed my life under the lockdown without Ansari. She is not only taking care of my other needs, but the way she has been ensuring that I don’t get infected with coronavirus is exemplary. In fact, everyday she sanitizes everything that I would probably be using or will have to touch,” said Soni, who lost her vision to retina cancer in her childhood
Talking to TOI, 26-year-old Ansari, who works as junior clerk in the tribal university, said: “We work in the same university and are good friends. Her quarter is right next to my building. After the lockdown, when I knew that Soni couldn’t get any transport to return to her family in Ahmedabad’s Memnagar area, I took it upon myself to ensure that she stays happy and comfortable even when she is all alone here.”
Ansari has been looking after Soni ever since the lockdown started. “Under lockdown, getting essential things would have been very difficult for Soni. I, therefore, began buying everything for her — from milk, groceries and vegetables to medicines — so that she doesn’t have to step out of her house and come in contact with unknown persons or touch anything in public place. I don’t want her to get infected with the virus!” said Ansari, who stays with her husband in Rajpipla.

Source: https://thenewsreport.in/india/vadodara/lockdown-unlocks-communal-harmony-blind-teacher-gets-help-vadodara-news/

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