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(India) When Temple of Kerala Was in Distress, This Muslim Man Gave It an Amazing Gift!

When threats of communal violence are prevalent in the air, consideration towards each other’s religious beliefs can hold a society together.

(India) When Temple of Kerala Was in Distress, This Muslim Man Gave It an Amazing Gift!The contribution of every single individual is imperative for different faiths to coexist harmoniously in a society.

This is especially important nowadays, given the gradual way in which communal discord potently infiltrates its way into the minds of people living in different cities and cities in India, where religion has always been a sensitive topic.

While there have been several unfortunate incidents that have resulted in brutal communal riots, there have also been times when various religious communities have come together and worked in total cooperation for a common goal.

One shining example of such camaraderie was witnessed when the temple committee of the Kundada Shiva temple in Chathangottupuram approached Nambiarthodi Ali, from Wandoor in the Malappuram district of Kerala, with a request to buy a 4.7 cent plot of land with a pond in its compound.

“The pond is a must for the temple as per their custom. The temple land includes no pond. I agreed to donate the pond, which is intended for public use, while they offered me a price. There is nothing major about it,” stated a modest Ali.

In fact, he also allowed the temple authorities not only to take up any amount of land to serve the pond’s purpose but also the right to use a pathway in his compound leading to the water source. Even the plot described will be reported in the temple committee name.

The committee honoured Ali during Tuesday’s Shivratri celebrations at the temple in recognition of his kindness and selflessness. “The temple was in dire need of a pond that would preserve religious traditions. We are pleased that Ali’s gesture has also transmitted a powerful message to society, besides giving a pond,” said V Shiva Shankaran, one of the committee members.

Inspiring individuals like Nambiarthodi Ali make us believe that respect for each other’s religious values will hold a community together even in times when threats of communal violence are prevalent in the air.

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