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Jammu and Kashmir: Female IAS And IPS Officers’ Inspiring Success Stories

The only women IAS and IPS officers in Kashmir valley, Asgar and Nitya are playing a key role in Srinagar in these difficult times when the people of Jammu and Kashmir are facing many restrictions.,

Jammu and Kashmir: Female IAS And IPS Officers’ Inspiring Success StoriesO

nly a few days before Jammu and Kashmir was turned into a union territory, Syed Sehrish Asgar was appointed Director of Information in Srinagar. Shortly afterwards, PK Nitya was put in charge of overseeing the area between Ram Munshi Bagh and Harvan Dagchi village. These two women are the only female officers who were posted during this turbulent period in Kashmir.

Meet Syed Sehrish Asgar

Jammu and Kashmir: Female IAS And IPS Officers’ Inspiring Success StoriesDr. Asgar is an IAS officer, and was appointed Information Director with the Srinagar administration of Jammu and Kashmir four days before the state was split into two. Since then, this one-year-old mother has been helping people get in touch with their families and loved ones, connecting them to doctors, and ensuring that they receive the medical assistance and treatment they may need.

Asgar used to work in Jammu as a doctor before that but later left and took the UPSC exam. She graduated from IAS shortly after, in 2013. Asgar’s husband is also appointed as Pulwama district commissioner. The crisis management specialist said in an interview with a leading daily: “I’ve always wanted to join the IAS to do something for girls, and while many girls are searching for role models, there aren’t many because of the circumstances we’re in today. So with every position I’ve held, I’ve always tried to make an impact on girls so that they too can grow up and do something for society.”

Further, speaking about her change of role, she said: “As a doctor, I’ve been treating patients. Yet the problems the Valley faces today are different. Around the same time it needs both sternness and emotional support. I am glad that women are able to bring a change in society.”

Meet PK Nitya

Jammu and Kashmir: Female IAS And IPS Officers’ Inspiring Success StoriesFrom Chhattisgarh, PK Nitya is an IPS officer currently stationed in Srinagar and responsible for supervising the area between the Ram Munshi Bagh and Harvan Dagchi village district. The 28-year-old had previously held a corporate job, so her present position is far more demanding, imaginably.

Nonetheless, this trained chemical engineer is executing her duties well. A stretch of 40 kilometers covering the famous Dal Lake area, the residence of the governor and buildings where VIPs have been detained falls under the supervision of Nitya.

Speaking to the media, she shared: “I have to oversee the security of VVIP’s, besides securing civilians. It’s of course very different from my Chhattisgarh experience. I am from Durg, always been peaceful … but I love challenges!”

Apart from Asgar and Nitya in Jammu and Kashmir, all other female bureaucrats are posted either in Jammu or Ladakh.

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