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J&K: Protection & Promotion of the Kashmiri Language Was Emphasized on International Mother Language Day!

We have a moral obligation to consistently work towards preserving our language and culture.......says Kashmiri scholars and activists in a conference held by Voice For Peace & Justice, an acclaimed civil society developmental organization based in Srinagar.

Srinagar, February 21.

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On the shores of the renowned Manasbal Lake, the Voice for Peace and Justice hosts a one-day conference on Mother Language Day. Preservation, conservation, and promotion of mother language was the theme of the conference. Renowned Kashmiri literature scholars, activists, well-known poets, students, and members of the general public attended the conference.

Prof. Shahid Rasool, head of the department of mass communication and media at the Central University of Kashmir, spoke at the event and complimented the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development Forum and Voice for Peace and Justice for organising the programme and for setting a precedent.

It is a pioneering programme that gives Kashmiris the chance to preserve and promote our mother tongue. He said, Sufism was the primary representative and promoter of Kashmiri language, but sadly we managed to separate it from our language. The Kashmiri language stands for intercommunal cooperation and peace. He emphasised that promoting Kashmiri language at both the high school and college levels is urgently needed. He added.

We are fortunate to have the Voice for Peace and Justice organisation operating on the ground, working actively for the preservation of Kashmiri language, tradition, heritage, and culture, according to Nazir Azhari, a recognised scholar in Kashmiri literature who spoke at the event. Our mother tongue needs to be revived, and we must all work together to make that happen. Added he.

Shamshad Krawlari remarked in his speech to the audience that it is urgently necessary to promote the Kashmiri language and that children should be encouraged to speak Kashmiri as early as possible.

In addition to educating members of the community, Shahbaz Hakbari emphasised that mother language is the finest medium for imparting information. He noted that in addition to regular programmes for teacher capacity building, the best teaching and learning techniques should be used in Kashmiri, the native tongue. Added he.

Our language is so hospitable and welcoming, and we must work to promote, preserve, and protect it, according to renowned Kashmiri writer and poetess Zareef Begum. Kashmiri culture, tradition, and language have taught the entire world about hospitality.

Also, she expressed her gratitude to the Voice for Peace and Justice Organization for hosting such a spectacular conference in honour of World Mother Language Day.


Addressing at the event, famous Kashmiri literature scholar Zareef Ahmad Zareef remarked that it is regrettable that Kashmiri, our mother tongue, is on the verge of extinction and that we, Kashmiris, are to responsible. He also emphasised the need for the revival of the Kashmiri language because it is holy and has a strong connection to the hearts of millions of people.


Farooq Ganderbali, the organization’s president and a well-known social activist, stated as part of the vote of gratitude in his speech. The Kashmiri language is our identity, but sadly, a proper cross-border strategy for fading our language is being used to erode our cultural ties and decades-long identity. The revival of Sufism, the Kashmiri language, intercommunal harmony, and brotherhood are all priorities for the voice for peace and justice.

We have a moral obligation to consistently work towards achieving this goal and preserving our language and culture.

Radical elements, according to Ganderbali, are attempting to destroy Kashmiri culture and brotherhood because they never want peace and harmony in Kashmir. He expressed gratitude to all present for their support of the revival of Kashmiri. In addition, according to Ganderbali, Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed the idea by giving lectures in his native tongue throughout the world, inspiring people to value their mother tongues.

Prof. Fayaz Ahmad,Dr Sajad Ahmad Bhat, Dr Ghulam Rasool, President Kashmiri poet association, Syed Abid Gowhar, President Civil society Kashmir Mohd Altaf, Shehreyar Dar, Zeeshan Farooq Dar, Ajaz Kawoosi, Ishfaq Ahmad Khan, Chairman Hilltop Educational Institute , Bilal Ahmad Bhat Social Activist and others were among the speakers.

Certificates, Kashmiri Shawls,appreciation certificates and other prizes were distributed among guests and participants.

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