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Kashmironomics: A forum dedicated to boost economy of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, First event on November 27 in New Delhi

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Srinagar/New Delhi: Kashmironomics, a forum dedicated to find ways to boost the economy of the UTs of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, is to hold its first-ever event on November 27 in New Delhi.

With the motto of ”Ushering Hope, Reform and Prosperity to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh”, the think tank has invited participants to reach them at contact@kashmironomics.com.

The forum aims to bring together representatives of industry, economists, social groups, government and civil society to uplift the Kashmir Valley.

The website says the economy of J&K and Ladakh have multiple monetization avenues, each of which can be harnessed to give much needed impetus to economic growth.

Repealing of Article 370 presents “a plethora of avenues to harness these opportunities. But like any other opportunity, this one comes with its own challenges and we are ready to take them head on!”, the website says.

“Mentally agile, solution oriented and backed by enthusiasm of experience and exuberance of youth – Kashmironomics is set to change the way issues have been addressed in the Valley,” it says.

It describes itself as a “one-of-its-kind forum” to bring together people from various domains of life and debate ideas for economic growth of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.

The event would seek to outline key focus areas and action points to kick start the region”s economic prowess.

“Each second that we waste is a stone being handed to a pelter. We want fruitful employment opportunities for valley”s youth. We want men and women to discover avenues that will bring financial stability in the region. Any thought, any emotion, and words will help! Please come forward to become a part of this movement that will change the way the world looks at India!,” it says.

Source: http://muslimmirror.com/eng/forum-dedicated-to-boost-kashmir-economy-to-meet-on-nov-27/

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