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Learning & Development in the hyper competitive corporate environment

Today, in the hyper competitive corporate environment, learning and development has become an integral part of any good workplace. Although a large number of companies still consider it a low priority task, there are organizations that have grabbed the bull by the horns and have incorporated learning and development as a regular feature in their corporate activities.

With the help of well-organized training programs, organizations can help employees in acquiring new skills, improve their overall productivity and transition into leadership roles in the near future. An organization’s achievements are based on the sum of individual milestones achieved by every employee and thus they should spend enough time resources to ensure that each employee performs to the best of their abilities.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details about how HR training and development can have a positive impact on your organization and help your employees in taking their skills to the next level. Let’s begin.

  • Improved performance: Regular training programs make the employees more aware of the procedures and tasks they need to complete on a daily basis. It’s a great way to boost their confidence as having a better understanding of the industry standards motivates the employees to improve and acquire new skills regularly. It also helps your organization stand out as an industry leader.


  • Improved employee engagement: Monotony at the workplace leads to dissatisfaction and employees might be inclined towards negative working habits. Regular training programs on different topics, re-evaluation of skills and processes improves their planning skills as well. Engage the employees in activities that can help evaluate their growth while helping them learn about internal opportunities.


  • Increased job satisfaction: Lack of appreciation decreases job satisfaction. Training and development programs are a great way to boost employee morale and acknowledge their efforts. With access to training within the organization, the employees will appreciate the company more and this will add to their job satisfaction.


  • Determines strengths and weaknesses: Every employee is unique and excels with a certain set of skills. Training programs can help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Employees can identify the areas where they need to improve whilst having a clear understanding of their key strengths.


  • Reduced turnover: Investing in training goes a long way and as the employee’s skills improve, they perform better and help you generate more revenue. This creates a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee, and improves the bottom line of an organization.



Did you know that it costs more to hire an employee as compared to retaining old ones? HR departments need to focus on the benefits that these training programs generate. These programs help the employees stay self-driven, improves consistency in work and fosters team spirit within the organization.

Attract new talent, improve their skills and provide them with opportunities to grow. Build a strong training strategy for your employees today to enhance your company profile and help your brand ascend to the next level.

Author’s Bio:

Liliana Chitnis is a former HR professional who now works as a content marketing executive at NamanHR, an organization that offers end-to-end HR solutions to help companies build a strong human capital base. She strongly believes in the power of consistent training in the workplace. Liliana writes about various topics related to human resources and shares trends, techniques, and tips with her readers. She loves to read and practice yoga regularly, and occasionally binge on Netflix.

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