Letter to Mr Chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission

Learn To Fight Your Own Battles. Why should Religious Clerics and Religiously Inclined Leaders always represent Indian Muslims in the Arab World Or Anywhere Else ?

You have names like APJ Kalam , A.R Rahman, Yusuf Hamied( Cipla), Azim Premji,
Abdul Hamid and Khans from Bollywood who are loved in the Arab World.

Why not let them be the face of Indian Muslims in the Arab World, doesn’t suit the political narrative ? Or Liberal Muslim Image doesn’t sell with the narrative that you peddle ?

Peace cannot be achieved if you give veiled tacit threats which will be Misinterpreted, Misunderstood and lead to a Misinformation Campaign spiralling into a cycle of further criticism and alienation of the entire community.

The Only “Avalanche”, I see coming is of Mistrust ,Misadventure and Misconceptions due to this statement of yours !

Sadly the entire Arab World is engaged in a theatre of Bloodlust in their own backyard. Not much can be expected from them.

The Solution doesn’t lie in complaining to the Arab World but to comply with Education and Knowledge and Skill Training for Muslim Youths.

If the Arab World is really interested to help the Indian Muslims please request them to support setting up “Secular” Educational Institutions.

I’m a Muslim living in India and I haven’t given you the right to speak on my behalf.

Spread Peace Not Panic.

Mainstreaming is the Mantra !

Respectful Regards
Owaiz Aslam

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