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Maaz Tahir: A source of inspiration

Maaz Tahir: Guidance To All The People


17 June’ 2023

Today was a momentous day filled with immeasurable joy as my beloved student, Mazahir Tahir, delivered his first lesson on Surah Yusuf at the Al-Quran Academy in Kairana. It was an unexpected surprise, but one that filled my heart with gratitude and pride.

I am filled with hope and pray that Mazahir continues to impart knowledge on the entire Quran, including Surah Yusuf, throughout his lifetime. May the Quran remain a constant source of guidance in his life, and may he devote himself to comprehending and elucidating its teachings. This occasion also serves as a reminder to cherish the presence of my dear friends and younger brother, Khawar Siddiqui, whose support and companionship have been invaluable on this journey. Without them, these cherished moments would not have been the same.

As we celebrate this milestone, we also took the opportunity to present Mazahir with a small token of appreciation. It is with regret that Parvez Alam, Mubeen Malik, and Habiba Shamsi were unable to join us on this auspicious occasion. Their absence was deeply felt, and I hope to celebrate many more achievements together in the future.

May Mazahir’s dedication and passion for teaching the Quran inspire others and bring about a deeper understanding of this divine book. I wish him continued success on his noble journey of spreading knowledge and enlightening hearts with the wisdom of the Quran.

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