Minhaj Interfaith’s Milad-un-Nabi ﷺ celebration with Cancer patients

MIWF Team visited Noori Hall , Parel and conducted a welfare event for Cancer patients. More than 150 patients benefited from this event which was held in collaboration with Cancare foundation.
Maulana Ali Muhammad started the event with recitation of Holy Quran and said that the true spirit of Mawlid is to serve humanity and look after the poor.He said that Prophet(peace be upon him) was sent as a mercy to all of humanity and there is a need to demonstrate it today through such events. Counselling the patients at the occassion he said that disease is a test from Allah and every disease including cancer is curable because our traditions inform us that Allah has sent down cure for every disease. He stressed that good behaviour prolongs life and congratulated the vounteers who are fulfilling the sunnah of our Beloved Prophet(peace be upon him).
Sagir Deshmukh sir (Cancare Foundation) gave presentation about causes of Cancer, preventive measures, sources to get financial help and cures for Cancer.He highlighted the need to stay away from smoking , alcohol and tobacco and mentioned that women of our society have a great role to remove these evils. He expressed happiness for MIWF joining the fight against cancer.
Brother Zubair(VP MIWF) mentioned welfare activities of MIWF. After the presentations food packs,health drink packs, sweets,gifts were given to cancer patients

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