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Mohammed Al Rumaihi: Extremism exists across all doctrines

It is true that not all Muslims are terrorists, but the truth of the situation at the moment is that some Muslims are terrorists. It is incredibly necessary that we face this fact and do everything in our power to fix this problem properly.

We have seen demonstrators in France waving signs with the slogan “My name is Samuel” over the past few days. Samuel is the name of the French teacher beheaded by a young Chechen immigrant. The killing has been confirmed by several media outlets, but the specifics remain unclear.

All we know is that the murderer was killed by the police, but so far, we don’t have enough details about how or why he was murdered. As part of his work, the teacher talked to students about the evils of terrorism, as determined by educational authorities in the name of Islamist extremism, after a wave of murders swept France in recent years.

Two political motivations are often motivated by such sweeping campaigns: the first is to increase the resentment of the other, which has spread through many countries, and the second is about politicians taking advantage of the “nationalism or patriotism” of citizens in order to serve the interests of a certain party in light of an economic slowdown and the deterioration of the standard of living for many countries.

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