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Mshaik Board on January 28, Social Justice Conference, Syed Ashraf

Mshaik Board 28 Social Justice Conference, Syed Ashraf

17 January / New Delhi President -al India Ulama and Mshaik board Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kicucvi is organizing a conference at the Indira Gandhi Foundation board Lucknow, told reporters that the upcoming January 28, 2019, which will be called social justice conference .He said will be attended by all responsible for the entire Indian board in the conference which are with Szzadanshin and clerics all Khankhahon country Mr. Muslim intellectuals will set an agenda to discuss Msayl the current situation and the Muslim community in the country Tdad about 1500 and its solution.

He said that so far only been trumpeted our appeasement after our society’s went not made any concrete strategy for development on that promise in its manifesto also was disappointed in our part so watch this Surte recent while adding Sir Sir now we need to create a program that are part of our youth Barber in developing countries, Hazhrat said that talent is not lacking Ekin burden of failure is not an effort in the right direction is growing community.

Hazrat said Hukumte Indian 10% reservation given to the upper castes but did not end the ban against Article 341 of the original spirit of the Constitution, which is a cause of backwardness of Muslims we have to fight a major war for which social Justice conference will be discussed in detail and will curry fix strategy for the coming years.

Education of Muslims is also a big issue people way at the seminary board of Batale for them is a great harm Muslims, while not being paid wages of Madrasa Modernization teachers that their lives have went to be difficult on these topics after extensive discussion in a conference strategy will be made.

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