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Muslim Sanskrit scholar has free tuition to deliver

Hayatullah, 75, prays five times a day 'namaaz,' and is a devout Muslim

Muslim Sanskrit scholar has free tuition to deliverLucknow: Hayatullah, 75, gives five times a day ‘namaaz,’ and is a devout Muslim. That separates him from the crowd is the fact that he is also trained in Sanskrit and the four Vedas that won him the ‘Chaturvedi’ epithet.

Hayatullah ‘Chaturvedi’ is a resident of village Chhita Harraipur in district Kaushambhi. He was a teacher of Hindi and Sanskrit of M.R and Muslim Sanskrit scholar before retiring in 2003, Sherwani Inter High School in Allahabad. He continues to give the students free tuitions in the language upon retirement.

“It’s hard to connect a language to a religion, Sanskrit has always fascinated me. It’s easy to know and understand the Sanskrit, contrary to what people claim. I’ve written several books that make learning Sanskrit simple, but the government should also encourage the language,” Hayatullah, 75. It is interesting to note that Hayatullah ‘Chaturvedi’ (Muslim Sanskrit scholar) is equally qualified in English, Urdu and Hindi as he is in Sanskrit.

“I am a Muslim, and reading the Quran. Those in our culture misunderstand the mean of ‘Jihad’ which actually means a ‘Dharam Yuddha’ like ‘Mahabharat’ for human security.”

“Fundamentally, there is no difference between what the Quran says and what the four Vedas tell,” Hayatullah, a Chhita Harraipur Kaushambhi district resident, said.

Asked about his health’s identity, Hayatullah Chaturvedi, a Muslim Sanskrit scholar, who offers ‘namaaz’ five times a day and is a devoted Muslim, said he had turned vegetarian decades ago and that helped keep him fit.

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