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OIC’s criticism of ‘Islamophobia in India’ Amid Stark Realities

Word For Peace

By Ovais Aslam

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is highly concerned over the growing Islamophobia in India, what is ironic and hypocritical about all the Islamophobia hype by members of the OIC is their double standards when it comes to minorities in their own lands.

Why the Sudden Long Lost Love Has Awakened ? Where were you before this ?

An Organisation so “respectable” doesn’t believe in self criticism ?

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, and Iran are among OIC members that have appalling human rights violations against minorities, and are routinely ignored under UNHRC Resolution 16/18.

Where are your minorities OIC ?

Where are your Baghdadi Jews Iraq ?

Where are your Buddhists Afghanistan ?

Where are your Ahmadiyas Pakistan ?

Where are your Christians Iran ?

Where are your Yezidis Syria ?

Where are your Armenians Turkey ?

Muslims living in India, were around 35 Million, 9 % in the first census in 1951 today in 2020 they are around 300 Million, comprising of 17 – 20 % of India’s total population.

On their website OIC, have mentioned their support of Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, adopted in 2011, on “Combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization of, and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief”.

Why hasn’t the OIC condemned China for their Islamophobic Attacks on the innocent 1 Million Uyghur Muslims, who are taught that their religion is a mental disease that they have to cure themselves of.

Islamic names, Long beards, Ramzan fasts, Prayer mats, Burkhas, Minars at Mosques, and even greeting each other with “Salaam” are banned !

Why No Outrage OIC !

India, surely has it’s set of problems, like any other country.

Violent criminal attacks on Innocent Muslims and growing witch hunting against Muslims has taken place which is strongly opposed and criticised.

Political problems being given a Religious Colour is nothing new for India. We have witnessed intermittent outbreak of riots and violence since partition in which innocent humans were killed in Delhi , Hashimpura, Godhra, Mumbai, Muzaffarnagar are all symptoms of the problem of Politically charged Religious Violence.

Muslims living in India are strong enough and capable of achieving justice and have full faith in the Democratic Institutions and the Secular Structure of our Nation.

We Shall Over Come All Our Problems, We Do not need Duplicitous & Janus Faced Organisations teaching my Country about respecting it’s Minorities.

India has always been a Land of Peace and Prosperity where every faith has prospered and flowered. India is a colourful land of Acceptance, Appreciation and Admiration.

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