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On Shab-e-Bara’at’, prayer and worship at home only

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Jamiat issues guidelines for observing sacred night

New Delhi: 07 April In the wake of ongoing nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus crisis, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind General Secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani has appealed to the members of Muslim community to observe the Shab-e-Barat at home and to keep social distance on this occasion and stay indoors. He averred that Shab-e-Bara’at is ‘blessed night’ and has utmost importance in the eyes of the believers. Underlining the special significance to the night, he said worshiping whole night, offering Nafil (recommended prayers); Dhikr (recitation of the name of Allah) and other deeds will get you special rewards from Allah and your supplication will be answered. He, however, noted that all these prayers and worship can be performed at home in a better environment. While referring to the opinions of Islamic jurists (fuqaha) regarding visit to graveyards on this night, Maulana Madani said according to them, visiting graveyards not needed on every Shab-e-Bara’at.

He further said even in normal times, getting out of the house, making noise and creating chaos on the road late at night, wandering on vehicles in hordes are not only against the teachings of Islam but also the violation of law. As far as in the current Covid-19 crisis, such activities are far wrong and could ne big crime. He exhorted the community to stay away from un-Islamic things on this sacred night and abide by all the guidelines given in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic and maintain social distance for the safety of people.

According to the medical experts, the disease is infected by staying close to one another, hand-shaking, and even touching something touched by the infected persons. It also spreads rapidly wherever people congregate in large numbers.

Keeping in view of the significance of sacred night and the safety of the people, we make an appeal in the light of Sharia that:

(1) On the occasion of Shab-e-Bara’at, do not go out of your home in any condition and offer prayer and other worship indoors.

(2) Do not roam on the roads riding on vehicles and do not indulge in irreligious acts like fire-cracking etc.

(3) Instead of visiting to the graveyard, do special prayers and dua for your dead ones by staying at home.

(4) Do not go to mosques for offering even obligatory Namaz and do all prayers at home.

(5) Every person must seek forgiveness, do worship and Dhikr and stay away from lust and evil and this night should be spent in total submission to Allah Almighty, and one should refrain from all those activities, which may displease Allah.

(6) Do Sadaqah (charity) on this occasion and special consideration should be given to the help of the poor and economically distressed people in this hour of crisis.

(7) Do offer Tahajjud prayer (the night time prayer), and seek Allah’s forgiveness with passionate dua and repentance and pray especially for the wellbeing of the country and do also special pray that our country get rid of this deadly virus.

(8) Imams of the mosques, local influential persons and local office bearers of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind units are requested to advise and persuade young boys to stay indoors and do not roam on the roads.

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