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Syncretic Culture in Bengal Brings Muslims and Hindus Together

By Nousheen Baba,   Recently an NGO named ‘Know Your Neighbour’ took the initiative of organising a small programme based on communal harmony and religious diversity on the holy eve of Ashtami in a Pandal. The first of its kind where one could witness the burqa wearing girls and skull capped men in numbers inside a Puja Pandal. There are Muslims …

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Minhaj Interfaith’s Milad-un-Nabi ﷺ celebration with Cancer patients

MIWF Team visited Noori Hall , Parel and conducted a welfare event for Cancer patients. More than 150 patients benefited from this event which was held in collaboration with Cancare foundation. Maulana Ali Muhammad started the event with recitation of Holy Quran and said that the true spirit of Mawlid is to serve humanity and look after the poor.He said …

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Remembering Guru Nanak: Word For Peace

Prof. M M Verma During the multifarious activities, including colourful and celebrative programs in the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, let’s also focus on his revolutionary teachings. Nanak got revelation at 27 and raised his finger to pronounce: Na ko Hindu, na ko Musalman (There is the same divine spark in every man). Nanak overly supported human equality, gender …

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