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Ramazan & Emotions: Underlying Relationship

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Humans are born with emotions. Being emotional is synonymous to being alive to the feelings of happiness, sadness, love, hate and sympathy. But most of us do fail to tame our emotions and then we become victims of it either by curtailing or exaggerating them, what Qur’an terms as Ghuluu. Both these extremes turns us into numb or supersensitive human beings.

The message of Ramdan is to gain control over emotions too alongwith our material needs. The manner in which we bear the pangs of hunger and thirst, similarly the tide or diminishing emotions too need to be controlled and channelised. Most of our lives we are subservient or slaves to emotional rhetoric. Ramdan offers us a chance to just tame our emotions, get control over them, tap them positively and utilize them productively. Although Ramdan and Emotions seem to be least connected but there is an underlying relationship.

Mushtaq UL haq Ahmad Sikander

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