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Muhammad Rasoolullah (PBUH): Epitome of mercy & ethical change maker

Ahmed Cimak for WordForPeace.com

A highly influential change maker:

The final Messenger of Allah (SWT) Rasool Muhammed (PBUH) was the one who suffused whole cosmos with luminous love and affection. He explored the extreme meaning of realistic love and faith inclusive of its all kinds of atomic components, that results into mesmerizing transformation of lifestyle from obscurity into splendor which holds the capacity to influence millions of individuals from different nooks and corners of the world.

He (PBUH) used to teach, motivate, inspire and transform the dismal atmosphere of earth from the oblivion of barbarism to the purity of civilization. His (PBUH) mind blowing vivacity brought ginormous count of believers whom were ready to do or die for Allah (SWT) and Rasool (PBUH), such as Qathada bnu nu a man (RA) who used his own face to shield prophet Muhammed(PBUH) from the lightning arrows of enemies, Musab bn Umair (RA) who had renounced luxurious mundane life and lived with Rasool (PBUH) as a poor among poor ,Zaid bn Dasinna (RA)  who had refused to think on harming Rasool (PBUH) even from the footsteps of gallows, and the stories moves beyond the limits.

Similarly some of the scholars of prophetic biography mention that the Ansar of Madeena would go the outskirts of the city and waits for prophet Muhammed’s arrival under the scorching sun and then return back to their home on evening and repeat the same on the next day. Once prophet Muhammed (PBUH) arrived with his companions their soulful emotions burst out as mellifluous odes and rhyming songs of merriment. And the prophet reciprocated their love as mentioned in several hadeeth traditions about the virtues of the helpers; they were truly helpers of Allah (SWT) and his messenger (PBUH). So the life turns of Rasool (PBUH) has fascinating realities which is impossible for the letters to portray it.

The mercy:

As the Rasool (PBUH) has been the greatest mercy for the entire universe and the hidden worlds, He is undoubtedly best blessing for all the creations too. Each and every life walks were decorated by splendid blessing so that he emphasized on being merciful while inculcating his beloved disciples. If we are scrutinizing his life we could easily reach at the conclusion as the only epitome of creation on the earth which has aggregated all kinds of best virtues, qualities that anyone must have to be defined as the perfect human being.

More than being the mercy he also taught to be merciful for whole creation. It is reported in Bukhari from Abdullah bnu  Musavir (RA), Rasool Muhammed (PBUH) said “the one who had enough food when his neighbor is in hunger is not my follower”, from Miqdad bnu Aswad (RA)  as “the disturbance of a Muslim to his neighbor is hazardous sin than disturbing more than ten people”, from Ummu Saeed binth Murrath (RA) as the Rasool (PBUH) said “ the server of orphans and I would be like this ( indicated to his 2 closed fingers) in paradise”, from Anas bnu Malik (RA) as  Rasool (PBUH)  said to me that “ If you could spend the day without a dot of negative thought on anyone let it be done, because that is my tradition, those who practice my tradition they love me, those who love me they would be with me in paradise”. “ be kind to those in the world so those who are in heaven would be kind to you”. Additionally, it is impossible to portray all of his explanations on being merciful to all creations in the world.

All of these words of Rasool (PBUH) are directly exploring glorious face of Islam. Despite of his saying as sharing food with neighbor is incumbent upon a Muslim, he never biased the service to Muslims only but to all of human beings who are counted as neighbor. Similarly his (PBUH) mercy to animals, environment, women, children, aged and all things in the universe has been discussed by the Islamic Intellectuals in vivid books. Additionally, the Rasool (PBUH) was great mercy to Muslims and all mankind by being their savior here and hereafter.

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