Remembering Guru Nanak: Word For Peace

Prof. M M Verma
During the multifarious activities, including colourful and celebrative programs in the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, let’s also focus on his revolutionary teachings. Nanak got revelation at 27 and raised his finger to pronounce: Na ko Hindu, na ko Musalman (There is the same divine spark in every man).
Nanak overly supported human equality, gender equality with stress on the adorable status of woman. He said: Truth is highest, but higher still is truthful living. Kirat karo aur wand chakko (legitimate means of earning and sharing with others). Nanak rejected amassing of wealth in the hands of a few and firmly stood with the marginalized and neglected members of the backward classes.
Nanak said: not the specific tags and fake identities, outer symbols and robes, but only the good deeds that matter. Nanak rejected baseless rituals, burdensome traditions and founded a religion which reflects the best in all religions. Be a partner with others in their weal and woe. Guru Nanak was loved equally by the hindus and the muslims. Nanak Shah faquir, hindu da guru and musalman the peer.

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