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Sharia Law Completely Forbids ‘Financing of Terrorism’: Declaration of The Senior Ulema Council

It's an established rule of Islamic Shariah that the “means is the ruling of ends”. Add to this ruling the general Shariah provisions for safeguarding and protecting rights, vows and commitments in Islamic or other countries....

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– Translated from Arabic & Urdu by Word For Peace Edit Desk

– Compiled by Muhammad Hussain Sherani

The Council of Senior Scholars (Majlis Hay’at Kibar al-‘Ulama), also known as the Senior Ulema Council in Riyadh, citing the Shariah rulings and with reference to their previous statements, have condemned the perpetrators of fasad fil ardh (any act of mischief, terror or riot on earth). At its 20th extraordinary meeting held in Riyadh, they strongly disapproved of all those who have committed serious violations of human dignity and sanctity among Muslims and others. The Council’s views and decision on ‘financing terrorism’ from the Islamic perspective conclude that “terrorism is a heinous crime that harms global security and is a serious threat to all innocent human lives. It also described the “financing of terrorism” as a form of involvement in terrorism and a way to spread it”.

In addition, the council looked at textual evidence from the Bible, Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic traditions), and the Sharia law, which altogether completely disapprove of “financing terrorism.”

In the Holy Qur’an, the Almighty has instructed us to help one another in righteousness and piety, and not to help one another in acts of sin and transgression, as enunciated in the following verses:

O ye who believe! profane not the landmarks of Allah, nor any sacred month nor the offering nor the victims with the garlands nor those repairing to the Sacred House seeking the grace of their Lord and His goodwill. And when ye have put off the state of sanctity, ye may chase. And let not the hatred against a people, because they kept you from the Sacred Mosque, incite you to trespass. Assist each other to virtue and piety, and assist not each other to sin and transgression, Fear Allah: verily Allah is Severe in chastising. (Surah al-Ma’ida, Verse 2)

[Translated by Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi]

And do not spread turmoil in the earth after its reform, and pray to Him with fear and hope; indeed Allah’s mercy is close to the virtuous. (Surah Al-A’raf: 56)

[Translated by Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan ‘Aala Hazrat Fazil-e-Barelwi]

Thus, it is firmly established in the Islamic law that the means of doing an act is tantamount to the same, as an equal ruling will be given on committing either of them. In addition, Islamic Sharia calls for the complete protection and preservation of minority rights in Muslim or non-Muslim countries alike.

In accordance with the above Islamic principle, the Council has decided that financing or participating in terrorism in any way, and by any means whether legally or illegally obtained, is prohibited and punishable. It is a crime, plain and simple. However, wealthy people are often advised in the Qur’an and Hadith that Allah has bestowed money on the rich to provide livelihood, care, treatment and education to the poor and the needy. Reiterating the same Quranic injunction, the Council has urged all Muslims to adhere to the teachings of their religion and the life of the Messenger of Allah and refrain from doing anything that would harm other people at any place in the world.

Hafiz ibn Hajar Asqalani, the great Hadith commentator, said in his commentary on the most authentic collection of Hadith, Fath al-Bari: “the perpetrator and the one who provides cover for him are equal in sin.”

As stated above, it is an established rule of Islamic Shariah that the “means is the ruling of ends”. Add to this ruling the general Shariah provisions for safeguarding and protecting rights, vows and commitments in Islamic or other countries.

Thus, the Council rules that the financing of terrorism; the inception, help or attempt to commit a terrorist act whatever kind or dimension is forbidden by Islamic Shariah and constitutes a punishable crime thereby; this includes gathering or providing of finance for that end, or providing help or participating in it in any form or manner including financial or non-financial assets, regardless whether these assets are originated from legal or illegal sources.

He who commits such a crime intentionally, commits a forbidden act, and has been in a flagrant violation of Shariah that call for a punishment according to its law.

The Council also affirms that the incrimination of the financing of terrorism does not extend to ways of supporting legitimate charity to help the poor people and alleviate their sufferings, or pay for their treatment and education, hence, this Allah ruling on the money of the rich to be paid to the poor.

The Council, by declaring this ruling, calls upon all Muslims to adhere to the teaching of their religion and the righteous path of our Prophet, may peace and prayer be upon him, and to refrain from any act that might cause any harm to other people or transgress on them.

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