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“Time and tide wait for none”

Time is a sum of seconds, and then if we take care of seconds the care of minutes has got to be taken automatically, and as it is the most recognized experience of the world also.

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Time and tide wait for noneThe object that we have to deem and mull over more is time. Time is a sum of seconds, and then if we take care of seconds the care of minutes has got to be taken automatically, and as it is the most recognized experience of the world also. Time plays some significant roles in the life of humanity due to if anyone played a part in a competition then only one or two particles may pay his victory, that is time and practice.

Time does not wait for anyone but it is being waited for a long time, if a chap does not utilize it in its true meaning then I am sure time will run down him. It has much-more peculiarities in different eras and epochs. It is similar to the mainstay of man’s existence. Time will not part by for a fraction of second if it is time of patience or thirst or walking or problem or difficulty or any other thing.

All are bestowed by almighty god the power to think and consider in favor of everything then by god gifted or sharpened intellectual we easily can solve whole predicaments in some sort of minutes. If we are progressing the feet according to exact time and doing the tasks at its accurate place then nothing in this world can devastate and demolish us. Man could not achieve at all any better post only after having good experience in an expertise job while the experience is gained by portions of time. There under the sun, uncountable people are living with leaving all kinds of nervousness back and passing the life in luxuriousness only by the cost of time, because the man understood the price of time perfectly and then time handed over back to him the fruit of exact use of time.

There is a famous adage among the Arabs, that reads: “Time is similar to a sword, if you use it in good ways then it will hand you products unless you surely will be broken into pieces. Time has much-more importance than worldly man for the reason that individuals later than seventy or eighty years kick the bucket while time is going on and rotating on its unchanging system. If all individuals breathe their last breath, time will mind its own business and not think for anyone because god has made one another method for time. Time is an ingredient of men’s life and definitely men could not be made tracks for a fraction of second by time attributable to man is under the thumb of time while in voice-versa not. Man has not any authority or supremacy to control some piece of time because time is under the control of almighty god and god controlled items would not be under the thumb of any individual because it is a peculiarity of god.

There is famous adage in English language also that “time and tide wait for none” then in consequence, time should be exploited in good ways and not in ways those will create problems in our forthcoming life, because if you use time in problem creating ways then you are the human being who will face predicaments thus make the use of in a good manner. Almost in all languages of the world; there are some most celebrated proverbs according to the use of time in a good manner, because it plays a lot of key roles in the days of humanity who are living under the sun.

We can sum up that time is very important, thus we must use it in a good manner that will prove or create some good results in coming years. Time could not be divided as we divide things if there are a lot of people taking part in it. Time is an integral part of humanity, by that man could not parted for a fraction of second. Man will be parted by time after his death but enlarges its hands after death of a person and urges that if you did not die I may be with you in all places where you intend to wander or go.

By Md Naushad Ansari

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