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Why most Muslims in Bihar are CASTEIST (caste system), while Islam speaks for complete equality?

Islam declares a complete equality among all mankind, regardless of one's faith, skin color, language, gender or ethnic background.

By Shahnawaz Ansari,
Why most Muslims in Bihar are CASTEIST (caste system), while Islam speaks for complete equality?I

n reality, in Islamic theory (Quran and Hadiths), there is no caste system as is clear from the following hadith: “O people! Indeed, your Lord is one and your father is one. Indeed, there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, nor of a non-Arab over an Arab, nor a white over a black, nor a black over a white, except by taqwa (righteousness)”

But unfortunately in Practice, casteism does exist in some societies and even among educated Muslims, especially in the northern part of India including Bihar in particular. (Especially in Districts like – NAWADA, GAYA, JAHANABAD, SHEKHPURA, NALANDA, PATNA, AURANGABAD, JAMUI etc.).

This is the story of one of my Facebook female freinds. Her boyfriend’s parents reject the marriage proposal because she is from another caste.

In actuality, her boyfriend’s family (Caste-Syed) called off her marriage proposal once they got to know that she belonged to “Ansari Community (A weaver’s community).”

She said we both loved each other without knowing each other caste. As we were in the relationship for 3-Years, so we decided to marry each other.

Hence, I talked with my parents and sent a marriage proposal to my boyfriend’s home. My boyfriend family belong to Syed Caste, so they called off my marriage proposal as they came to know about my Caste Identity that is – Ansari (A weaver’s community).”

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