Muslims help Pandits rebuild a temple in a Kashmir village

In a shining example of communal harmony, Muslims helped reconstruct a temple for Pandits in Hariparigam village of Tral township in Pulwama district, not just by making donations but also by supervising its construction.
The temple was established few decades before and was lying in a shambles since so many years. Both Muslims and Pandits decided to rebuild it and set up another example of communal harmony in the valley.

“Muslims donated money. They were also involved in its construction,” said Makhan Lal, a local Pandit.
Ramesh Bhatt , another resident, said: “There is active help from Muslims. We had a joint discussion for its reconstruction. This temple is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity.”
“This is true Kashmir, this is our culture and we share brotherhood. We do not believe in duality or divisive politics. We share one culture,” Bhat said.

One of those involved in reconstruction was Farooq Ahmad. “We have been living here for years and taking care of one another. It is a gesture for communal harmony,” said Farooq.
He said the foundation of the temple were laid few days ago and after that both Muslims and Hindus of the locality worked together to reconstruct it.

Both Muslims and Pandits believe that this move of the Muslims would send a strong message of harmony and peace across the country.

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